Why is the Check Engine Light On in My Audi?

We've all been there. Cruising the city lights, highways, and back roads of Riverside County, a warning light appears on your Audi dashboard. It reads: Check Engine. Don't panic. The cause of its illumination could be something as mundane as a gas cap that's come loose. First off, check your gas cap. If it needs tightening, do so. After two to three days of regular driving, your check engine light should turn off. However, this isn't always true; if it doesn't, something else is up.

If you've noticed lately, for instance, that your fuel economy isn't what it used to be, that your car or SUV doesn't seem as powerful, that your engine shakes, or that your transmission just won't change gears, you could have a more serious engine or transmission problem on your hands. It's even more unnerving that many operational problems can present with no symptoms at all. There are some common causes for a check engine light coming on, though.

  •  Oxygen sensor malfunction or failure
  • Worn-out spark plugs
  • Ignition coil and coil pack problems
  • An air intake system leak
  • A faulty catalytic converter
  • The use of low-quality gas
  • A turbocharging issue
  • A problematic ignition control module

You're probably already thinking, correctly, that these aren't maintenance issues that you're prepared to handle. Not to worry. That's where our Audi service center here in Temecula comes in. Our highly trained and certified car repair technicians bring the tools, tech, and talent to diagnose and fix whatever the problems are properly the first time. Moreover, we use only genuine Audi auto parts and accessories to take care of business -- something other local mechanics and body shops, lacking specialized knowledge of the Audi lineup, can't necessarily claim.

We've made scheduling a service appointment easy as well. You can take care of it right here on the Web. Of course, if you'd prefer to ask a question or talk shop on your service needs, you're also welcome to give us a call, send an e-mail, or stop in at 40955 Temecula Center Drive for an in-person consultation. We'll have you and your Audi back on the road in no time!


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