Audi e-tron GT Set to Revolutionize Electric Cars and Drive the Four Rings into a High-Efficiency Future

As more automakers embrace hybrid technologies, setting their new car and SUV offerings on a course to greener pastures, the Audi eco-friendly production plan's coming down to the wire -- the fully electric one, that is. Nowhere will this be more evident than in its latest concept supercar, soon to become a fully-fledged four-door coupe, the Audi e-tron GT. It'll be joining the Four Rings' latest e-tron SUV and Sportback duo, slated for 2019, sometime as early as in late 2020. What can we look forward to under the hood and in-cabin? Audi Temecula has a few details.

Audi e-tron GT Concept: Features & Performance

For one, the new e-tron GT will showcase an iconic Audi Singleframe grille, in a honeycomb design evocative of Audi RS. But behind it will be our automaker's benchmark sports car performance: a lightweight, carbon, aluminum, and high-strength steel body driven by a high-octane 590 horsepower electric motor, made a precision instrument thanks to standard torque vectoring and kept capable by all-electric quattro® permanent all-wheel drive. That means the ability to accelerate from zero to approximately 60 mph in not much more than 3.5 seconds. You can reach about 124.3 scorching mph in as little as 12 to boot.

What makes this, the future of Audi electric cars, possible?

First, e-tron GT will incorporate a flat-floor architecture, with a wide stance and atop a long wheelbase -- Gran Turismo-style proportions that enhance aerodynamics the likes of which only a low center of gravity much like that of Audi R8 can improve further. Factor in air vents and a solid rear diffuser and the result is a supremely low drag coefficient, which makes sense, as the car will be fully developed in a wind tunnel.

e-tron GT Electric Range

Secondly, our sports coupe will feature an approximately 248.5-mile cruising range by new WLTP standards, which you'll be able to boost by nearly 30 percent owing to recuperative brakes that capture kinetic energy during coasts and stops. You'll be able to charge its battery via cable or using an Audi wireless charging pad, and with an 11-kW output, full charging overnight will be a breeze. Plus, the car's 800-volt system will make doing a lot faster, as you'll be able to recoup around 80 percent of your battery's life in around 20 minutes, and the system can be charged at lower-voltage points nearly anywhere in your region's wider network of charging stations. The takeaway: e-tron GT will be among the most economical and easy-to-juice-up electric sports cars out there.

Learn More About The Concept Audi e-tron GT

Stay tuned for more information, soon to appear. And in the meantime, if you're planning to immerse yourself in the all-electric driving experience, visit us here at 40955 Temecula Center Drive to schedule some time behind the wheel.

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