See How Audi e-tron Goes the Distance Against Jaguar I-PACE

The future of driving, while not yet fully realized, is already changing. More drivers are making the switch from high-efficiency hybrid technologies to EVs, both out of concern for the environment and the advanced tech, driving range, and dynamic handling fun they provide. There are no better examples of what the rapidly popularizing all-electric SUV segment has to offer in these respects than Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-PACE. Both are on its cutting edge. But which goes the extra mile for the Temecula CA area drive? Audi Temecula

Audi e-tron vs. Jaguar I-PACE

Audi e-tron is more powerful and has a higher battery capacity than Jaguar I-PACE.

Its 95-kWh battery and liquid-cooled dual motors deliver up to 414 pound-feet of torque and 402 horsepower, and up to 490 pound-feet is possible utilizing boost technology. Jaguar I-PACE has only a 90-kWh battery and can only put out up to 394 horsepower. That means Audi e-tron is the better accelerator, and thus, the more spirited drive.

Audi e-tron charges more quickly than Jaguar I-PACE.

With 150-kW DC fast charging, you can get up to an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes, while, with a home charging capsule, you can fully charge your battery in about 9 hours. That's using a simple 240-volt/50-amp outlet, no less. Set up a 10-minute charge, and you can get as many as 54 miles of range; the SUV's total EPA-estimated cruising range is 204 miles. Jaguar I-PACE might get up to 234 miles on a full charge, but it takes just under an hour and a half for its 50kW charger to charge its battery up to 80%. Even with a 100kW DC charger, Jaguar I-PACE still requires 45 minutes or so to get an 80% charge, and a full charge via AC 7kW charging takes 12.9 hours.

Audi e-tron standardizes many driver-assistance features that Jaguar I-PACE doesn't.

They include Audi pre sense rear, Audi pre sense city, and Audi side assist, the last of which incorporates vehicle exit warning and a rear cross-traffic assist system. You can only get many comparable features in Jaguar I-PACE by investing in optional packages.

Audi e-tron has the technological edge on Jaguar I-PACE.

Its entertainment and connectivity features and utilities are comprehensive. An Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, for instance, dovetails a 10.1-inch MMI touch response infotainment system, bringing together driving metrics and diverse app and feature access. An Audi smartphone interface provides Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, enabling mobile phone integration, and an Audi wireless charging phone box simplifies keeping yours energized while giving it a signal boost. Amazon Alexa support provides seamless integration with your favorite virtual assistant's skills. You can even manage most features using the myAudi app. This lets you monitor vehicle status, it offers comprehensive route guidance, you can set geofence boundaries, locate the SUV and schedule maintenance, even get to know it via myAudi IQ video tutorials, a guidebook with quick questions and answers, a digital owner's manual, and more. Apple and Android phone compatibility in Jaguar I-PACE requires an optional Smartphone Package, neither wireless charging nor Alexa support is available, and the similar Jaguar Remote app doesn't offer either geofencing or service scheduling.

Audi e-tron can take on more cargo than Jaguar I-PACE.

It makes as much as 57.0 cubic feet of space available for luggage and essentials with rear seats collapsed, and you can tow a trailerful weighing up to 4,000 pounds when properly equipped. The latter puts Audi e-tron in small tent camper-, dirt bike-, ATV-, and motorboat-hauling territory. Jaguar I-PACE offers only up to 51.0 cubic feet of max cargo volume, and it's not rated for towing.

Audi e-tron has unique ownership perks that Jaguar I-PACE doesn't offer. 

You can enjoy 1,000 kilowatt-hours of charging within your first four years of ownership at more than 16,000 Electrify America fast-charging stations nationwide. They're included free when you buy a new Audi e-tron. You'll even be able to tap into energy sources like solar and wind without needing to buy or install extra equipment, thanks to renewable energy service providers such as Arcadia Power.

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