For Audi SUV Enthusiasts, Something New This Way Comes -- the All-New Audi Q8

The premium SUV, to appear in late 2018 in Audi dealerships from San Diego to here in Temecula, looks to set a new benchmark for the Four Rings. We don't know much just yet, and of course, what we do is subject to the improvements of our automaker's "Advancement Through Technology" creed, but we know this much: the new Q8 is going to be an exciting example thereof.

First off, its commanding presence, coupe-evocative but prominently sport-utilitarian, offers a nod to the legendary original Audi Quattro mid-size road and rally car. An iconic octagonal Singleframe grille, high-contour air inlets, and a sleekly streamlined roof culminating in D-pillars and the striking wheel arches surely won't hinder turning heads down the southern California highway either. Set a touch wider and lower than its Audi Q7 sibling, the SUV ought to provide a sizable interior also, with what appear to be accommodations both for up to five passengers and for ample cargo for any trip, in line with all you've come to expect from new Audi SUVs.

Move to the interior, and you'll find human-centric design components that dovetail seamlessly, with an all-new infotainment system giving way to a flat air vent strip and wide center console, the latter home to the vehicle's easily accessible Tiptronic® gear selector. Furthermore, an optional contour light will gently illuminate the interior in dim conditions, backlighting the dash's quattro badge for a stylish accent to boot.

The luxury SUV's slate of advanced technologies are due to include, for instance, an MMI touch system that's now customizable using configurable favorites buttons you can move, sure to appeal to smartphone enthusiasts. Factor in natural language control for intuitive voice command, available wireless charging to keep compatible devices energized on the go, and a symphonic Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System, and you can look forward to remaining well-equipped for the duration.

Most of all, Q8 should afford the dynamic driving experience dedicated members of the Q Series fraternal order crave. Standard quattro® all-wheel drive is set to command our various Golden State terrain. Moreover, a mechanical center differential will optimize torque for wheels with the most traction in diverse conditions. Finally, a standard adaptive damping suspension looks to provide the excellent handling only an adaptive air suspension, available likewise, can surpass.

It goes without saying that we'll on the lookout for this addition to the Audi luxury SUV family. In the meantime, why not visit us here at Audi Temecula for a spin in a new Q3 or Q5 to get a feel for what to expect? We'll be delighted to take you for a spin.

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