Why Lease an Audi with our Dealership Here in Temecula?

You've done your due diligence on whether and which new luxury car is right for you. Now, you're eager to step into a driver's seat of the Four Rings moniker. However, you're not quite ready to finance a new Audi. Yet, you'd like to explore all that the latest Audi cars and SUVs have to offer, something best done firsthand. What are your options? Lease a new Audi with our Temecula, CA dealer, and you'll find plenty.

There are many reasons to lease, too, versus finance a new car. For one, you can drive a new Audi A3 or Q5 every few years, for less. Instead of the purchase price, monthly payments cover depreciation plus applicable taxes and fees, so they're often less than if you opt for auto financing. That means a new luxury sedan or premium SUV at a low monthly cost, with only a modest investment due at signing, and the ability to step into a new one when your needs and preferences change.

Next, lease terms remain flexible to suit yours. Beyond the normal wear and tear covered in your lease, you can choose from options like a Lease Excess Wear Protection Plan for added peace of mind. We also offer plenty of others, from those service-related to those covering damage and wear and loss and theft. You even have the option to custom-insure your Audi through Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Plus, mileage options abound. 10,000-, 12,000-, and 15,000-mile limit agreements present, providing plenty of leeway for your lifestyle. Last, but not least, our lease-end process keeps your options for a new vehicle invitingly open. Minus remaining obligations, you can purchase the vehicle you love if you like, finance or lease a new Audi vehicle, or simply return yours and explore further possibilities. It's that easy.

Our friendly staff of finance experts here at Audi Temecula remains on hand to answer any questions or field any concerns you may have regarding the car financing or Audi lease process. You're welcome to give us a call here at our 40955 Temecula Center Drive showroom, send us a note on the Web, or just stop by for a meet-and-greet.

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