Audi Unveils the e-tron GT concept at the LA Auto Show November 28, Electrifying Audiences

The four-door coupe looks to be an energetic sibling to the long-awaited Audi e-tron SUV and Sportback duo set to appear in 2019, and if what we've come to know about it is any indication, there's a lot in the future of fully electric vehicles to be excited about.

For one, with flat-floor architecture, a wide stance, and a supremely long wheelbase, it'll deliver on the sleek, aerodynamic proportions of the Gran Turismo tradition while providing a low center of gravity akin to Audi R8. A lightweight, multi-material construction, comprised of carbon, aluminum, and high-strength steel will surely help, as will body lines, air vents, a solid rear diffuser, and the resulting low drag coefficient, all evocative of development in a wind tunnel.

In fact, though the car's design grew out of a partnership with the legends at Porsche, it'll remain unmistakably Four Rings by DNA. That'll owe to the iconic Audi Singleframe honeycomb grille, a nod to models like Audi RS, as well as to our automaker's hallmark sports car performance. The latter will be driven by a metaphorically tire-shredding 590 horsepower and backed by all-electric quattro® permanent all-wheel drive, among other elements like torque vectoring. The result: acceleration from zero to around 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds, rocketing up to approximately 124.3 blistering mph in little more than 12.

Of course, the new e-tron GT will be just as high-efficiency, offering a cruising range of a little over 248.5 miles, according to new WLTP standards. Moreover, you'll be able to increase it by up to 30 percent thanks to recuperative brakes, which capture and store power during coasts and stops. Finally, battery charging will be possible via cable or inductively with an Audi wireless charging pad, and with an output of 11 kW, you'll be able to charge the car overnight fully. Its 800-volt system makes doing so much faster, too: you can recoup up to 80 percent of battery life in as little as 20 minutes, and the system can be reenergized at lower-voltage charging points nearly anywhere in the wider charging network.

Production ought to begin on the new Audi e-tron GT sometime in late 2020. Eager to learn more? You can see it in action in the new Marvel Studios’ Avengers 4 movie, coming to theaters during the summer of 2019. Until the big release, you're welcome to visit us here at Audi Temecula to get the singular driving experience firsthand. We'll be glad to take you for a test-drive!

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